Enrênement Original Le Rolland PLR
  • Enrênement Original Le Rolland PLR
  • Enrênement Original Le Rolland PLR
  • Enrênement Original Le Rolland PLR
  • Enrênement Original Le Rolland PLR
  • Enrênement Original Le Rolland PLR

Le Rolland PLR Lunging Training Aid "The Original"


Created, approved and recommended by Patrick Le Rolland, the Original Le Rolland PLR lunging training aid allows to facilitate and to balance amplitude, curve and locomotion of the horse without stress nor opposition...

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The original Le Rolland PLR Training Aid is particularly useful in young horses or horses with problems. It allows them to gently make progress towards correctness, gently, without the constraints or the rigidity of a fixed training aid...

It is a handcrafted Lunging Aid made of a premium standard leather with a stainless steel buckles, a guarantee of longevity certified by a one year warranty.

The Original Le Rolland PLR Training Aid is to use exclusively for lunging work sessions.



Principle :

- The PLR Lunging Aid allows to combine work of stretching, balance, magnification, incurvation and to obtain fast results at the 3 gaits.

- This mode of functioning encourages your horse to raise in his withers, to release his shoulders and to engage his hind legs, thereby improving his locomotion and his amplitude, also allowing him to round himself from head to tail.

Composition and Set up :

The original Le Rolland PLR Training Aid contains 3 elements of extremely easy set up, which allows the connection of 5-point setting guaranteeing a perfect adaptation to the morphology of your horse and his progression :

1. The central Part slides into the rings of the bit between which it forms a loop carrying 5 rings which allow to adjust, if needed, a more or less important lateral flexion.

2. The side Parts are fixed, on one hand, on the girth (or the rings of the surcingle) at the chosen height, and on the other hand, on the Central Part.

Each of these attachment points is adjustable in length with a large amplitude.

3. The elastic bottom Part, adjustable in length, is buckled on one end in the low part of the girth (or of the surcingle).

The other end is fixed, with its snap hook, to the Central Part, on one of the 5 rings.

These allow, if needed, a greater or lesser degree of flexion depending onthe chosen side ring.

The most :

- Created, approved and recommended by Patrick Le Rolland

- An easy set up and a very simple use

- The principle of the sliding Training Aid allows to suggest to your horse an orientation of his work, without ever forcing him or freezing him in his attitude.

- The horse settles himself depending on the pressure which he exerts on the reins of the Side Part.

- The more these are long, the more the horse stretches in a longitudinal, low attitude.

- As the horse progresses in his work, these reins can be shortened.

- The elastic character of the bottom Part encourages the horse to round off his neckline and to balance himself while respecting the hand.

- Training aid made in a premium standard leather

- High resistant elastic band

- Stainless steel buckles

- 1 Year Warranty

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